2000s Miscellaneous TV Special

A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002)

Starring: Wesley SingermanGrade: B- The Valentine’s Dance seems to look a lot more like a house party than a regulated school event. Yes, this is [Read More…]

2000s Film T

The Sum of All Fears (2002)

Starring: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, James Cromwell, Liev Schreiber, Bridget Moynahan, Ciarán Hinds, the Library Cop from Seinfeld, and Colm FeoreGrade: B- If you want [Read More…]

2000s C Film

Comedian (2002)

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Orny Adams, Colin Quinn, Chris Rock, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Garry Shandling, Robert Klein, and Ray Romano, with smaller roles from Kevin [Read More…]

2000s A Film

Antwone Fisher (2002)

Starring: Derek Luke and Denzel Washington, with small roles from Viola Davis, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Kevin Connolly, Sung Kang, and Chiwetel EjioforGrade: A- We need to [Read More…]

2000s Film W

Who is Cletis Tout? (2002)

Starring: Christian Slater, Tim Allen, Richard Dreyfuss, Portia de Rossi, RuPaul, and Billy ConnollyGrade: F There’s something about Christian Slater I don’t like. I don’t [Read More…]