Welcome to Cinema Loco!

No matter what day it is, I’m constantly watching something. There’s always some new movie or show that I want to see, and nothing is more exciting for me than to turn on my TV or computer screen to enjoy a cinematic experience I haven’t seen before. Sadly, I tend to watch some of the same movies over and over again because I can’t remember how much I enjoyed it or not.

I consume a lot of media. It’s easy to forget.

With this website, I intend to review and document every single thing I watch as I try not to lose my mind.

Now, my takes are realistic. These are honest reviews for the common person. Because of this, I will write these reviews in a very personable way while mixing in my love for cinema at the same time. This site is for the normal entertainment fan that just wants a good movie to watch, and to see whether a certain show is worth sitting through. With Cinema Loco, I will do the work for you!

Just so you know, everything I review is random. One day, I could be watching a silent movie from the 1920s, and the next, I could be binge-watching a sitcom from 2001. There’s no rhyme or reason on my decision on what to watch.

That’s the Mike Sandwich way.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cinema Loco!

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